Sikozu - "We cannot find Aeryn. We cannot locate this Katratzi, no one has even heard the name."
Crichton - "I've heard it. You have heard it. Someone said it on this ship.
Sikozu - "No I heard it on the planet when we left Aeryn"
Crichton - "What are you not telling me?"
Sikozu - "I'm telling you everything"
Crichton - "You're lying. You're not telling me, you know the name katratzi, you have been nothing but lying from the moment you got on board this ship, Sputnik, and I will not let Aeryn die. Katratzi?"
Sikozu - "It is not my providence if she lives or dies."
Crichton - "Katratzi"
Sikozu - "It is not my fault if she lives or dies"
Crichton - "Katratzi"
Sikozu - "and it is not my will if she lives or dies. Crichton, listen to yourself. Everything lives and everything dies whether you wish it to or not and you have to deal with it."